Venchi at Packaging Première with its new sustainable packaging for Easter 2022.

Venchi, sponsor of Packaging Première 2022, will participate in the Avant-Garde project with its innovation “Venchi – Guarda il Mondo a Colori” and will present its sustainable packaging designed for Easter 2022.

Venchi chocolate is designed for moments of joy and sharing, for the party, for happiness, for love. This is why among the ingredients there is always generosity, art, unpredictability, family, friendship, exuberance, warmth and everything that makes Italy so Italian!

In fact, inspired by Italian style, colors and art, every year Venchi presents numerous capsule collections around the world that contain our chocolate creations. From Valentine’s Day to Easter, from Christmas to the Lunar New Year.


In September, the new Barocco collection will be available in all boutiques and online, inspired by this style that nowadays is still a symbol of Italy in the world and can be appreciated in many iconic elements of sculpture and architecture in our cities of art! A dynamic, colorful and rich design, decorated with floral compositions and brilliant golden motifs, to excite and strike all the senses.


Venchi’s commitment to SUSTAINABILITY


Venchi is committed to continuously improve processes, the selection of raw materials and suppliers to ensure an increasingly transparent and sustainable value chain.

2022, in particular, is a year full of news and projects on the subject of sustainability.


Thanks to the careful study of each element of the packaging and the constant search for the best solutions on the market, for the first time the company has created an Easter collection characterized by materials that enhance the aesthetic performance and quality of the wrapping, but at the same time itself do not harm the environment.


All the wrapping and packaging of the Easter 2022 collection are made of recycled PET min. 70%, in cotton blend or FSC paper.


In particular, the egg cases are made from 70% to 100% recycled PET.

The polyester ribbons have been replaced by cotton and paper, 90% of the surprises are enclosed in small bags and the wrapping of the eggs is made of aluminum.

In some of the chocolate egg wrappers, there are germinating paper tags which, once buried, release the seeds that will give life to a plant!


In this way, the company was able to consume 6 tons of virgin plastic less than in 2021.


ICMA paper was used for part of our more elegant continuous gift packages because it is 100% recycled paper, FSC Recycled Credit certified and is produced in an integrated cycle, i.e. without the production of cellulose pulp generally necessary for packaging presentation papers. The shorter production process implies a lower consumption of energy, water and CO2 generation.

ICMA paper is also produced without the use of optical brighteners and is recyclable in paper waste. The packages are made with customized colors and golden pearlescent colors and enriched by an elegant texture.



In addition, all Food & Beverage Retail service materials (napkins, plates, glasses, ice cream cups, take-away containers, straws and spoons) are made with 100% compostable materials such as: sugar cane fiber, PLA, MATER B, FSC paper.




Since 2018, the year of the 140th anniversary of Venchi’s foundation, it has been a process of renewal of the design of chocolate molds, thanks to the collaboration with of Margherita Paleari and Valentina Folli.

Thanks to this restyling, sinuous and elegant designs give shape to chocolate bars, blocks, Easter eggs and soon also to sticks and Granblends.

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