Discover the most innovative luxury packaging projects selected by a qualified jury

Motherland: All4Label’s project presented at Avant-Garde 2024

Motherland, All4Labels’ showcase for Wine & Spirits, captures the unique essence of each product through exceptional design, fine embellishments, and eye-catching elements. The goal is to promote the beauty and local traditions behind iconic products, exploring destinations as South Africa, Italy, France, Mexico and England.

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Dior Prestige Le Nectar Rechargeable: Gruppo Cerve’s project presented at Avant-Garde 2024

Dior Prestige Le Nectar Rechargeable is a bottle in high-quality pressed glass, expertly crafted by Technoglas, a leading company in the field, part of Cerve Group. The glass of this bottle stands out for its extraordinary refractive index, which enhances its transparency and brightness, as well as the precise and detailed engraving of the compass rose, a distinctive element of the line, on the bottom of the bottle.

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Packaging Experience: Corvasce Savino’s project presented at Avant-Garde 2024

Corvasce Savino imagined a packaging that can contain your ideas, dreams and hopes.
Something iconic that can convey love for environmental sustainability by using the language of design. Because packaging is not just a box, it encloses many things; it contains your products, it communicates your brand identity on the market.
A must-have for those looking for an elegant, original packaging solution

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Lume – Twist, Turn and Spin: Advision’s project for Avant-Garde 2024

Lume Spin is another incarnation of the multifaceted Lume project, an idea that takes shape and becomes a message. A simple game, a hand-painted spinning top, becomes the perfect pretext to tell the story of human creativity and its unique ability to break the mould. From a whirlwind of thoughts to a hand-painted spinning top, through an endless chain of events: just join in and let the top spin. The next stroke of genius is just a fingertip away.

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