Lauretana is partner of Packaging Première and PCD Milan 2022.

Lauretana, the water dedicated to those who love themselves, is partner of Packaging Première & PCD Milan 2022: enjoy the lightest water in Europe.
Lauretana, the water dedicated to those who love themselves For more than 50 years Lauretana has been bottling mineral water, an essential necessity for people survival. The source was discovered by accident, during a walk in the mountains. The analysis of a sample permitted to define it “exceptional”. The first bottling plant was built not far from the source at about 850 meters above sea level and the bottling activity started in 1965. A route composed by several goals has transformed Lauretana from a local reality to a successful brand in the food&beverage international panorama. A deep link binds the Firm to the Piedmontese territory, since it has been able to give value to a pure and natural product as water is, acknowledging its extraordinary qualities of purity and lightness both at a national and international level. Today Lauretana is characterized by a strong identity, that distinguishes it from the producers of the sector. It has reached an important distribution growth in Italy, Europe and in foreign countries where it exports from the USA to Australia, from China to the Arabian Gulf. Mission: quality and well-being in the heart of the Firm strategies Lauretana mission is to preserve rigorously the quality of this exceptional water and to focus the company policy on the consumer with his preferences, requirements, well-being. Lauretana water is bottled not far from the source, to maintain unchanged its unique characteristics. State-of-the-art production lines which have been completely renewed, with advanced system controls which guarantee the highest quality and safety standards. Many medical references signed by doctors and researchers confirm the extraordinary characteristics of the water. One among many Professor Antonio Paoli, academic of the degree course of Science of physical and sports activities of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at Padua University, who usually advises it in the diets for weight loss and for the athletes. Lauretana commitment also takes shape in advertising campaigns aimed at making the consumers aware individuals, able to express a preference oriented to well-being. Lauretana: from the Alps to the foreign markets Lauretana has been living a surprising growth trend since 1998, thanks to the entry of Antonio Pola as CEO together with Giovanni Vietti as President. A trend which is still continuing today thanks to the new agreements with important distribution groups, but above all as a consequence of strategies thought to win the challenges of the global market. With more than 70 employees and an annual turnover which has grown from 33 million of Euro in 2017 to 41 million of Euro in 2019, Lauretana asserts itself as an excellence 100% Made in Italy, with a targeted product placement addressed to the most demanding consumers, who choose to drink this water for its unique characteristics. The growth of sales is associated with the steady increase of investments in new technologies. In 2016 a new bottling line for PET was installed. Today there are 4 lines, two dedicated to PET bottles, one to returnable glass bottles and one exclusively reserved to one-way glass for foreign markets. All plants are manufactured by Krones, a firm which is leader in the field and grants the highest standards of quality and safety. In 2017 it was replaced the machinery for washing the returnable glass bottles produced by the German firm Krones. This choice permits a greater safeguard of the environment thanks to a reduced consumption of water during the washing cycle and the bottle safety guarantee. Lauretana: the lightest water in Europe The exceptionality of Lauretana water stands in its only 14 milligrams per liter of fixed residue, which make it the lightest water in Europe. There are also other values which contribute to determine the pure and light character of Lauretana water as for example the total hardness of 0,60°f which helps to prevent the development of kidney stones, the quantity of Sodium 0,88 mg/l (dissolved in the water), which makes it ideal for low Sodium diets and favors the hydration. The pH at 20°C is 6 which helps digestion and prevents the process of cell oxidation. Lauretana is a water without contaminants and pollutants because it springs in an unpolluted territory at more than 1000 meters above sea level, a protected environment, without any industrial and agricultural settlement, and it flows deeply in an ancient granite bed which protects it from any contamination. For its characteristics, Lauretana water is the ideal water for daily requirement, good for adults and children, perfect for athletes, appropriate for the preparation of baby food and for the new born, advised for pregnant women and during lactation. Lines of products: giving shape to well-being Lauretana is present on the market with different packagings, for any requirements: the unmistakable blue PET, from 500 and 1000ml, still and sparkling and from 1500ml that, compared to the previous ones, is mild as well. The blue glass bottles from 500 and 1000ml, both with returnable or one-way glass, with screw cap grant an easier opening and preserve longer the purity of the water. In the still and sparkling versions for the smaller packaging, while there is the mild option for the bigger one. Moreover the brand is present on the tables of the best restaurants with an unmistakable bottle signed Pininfarina, dedicated to the Ho.Re.Ca sector in the glass packagings from 750ml and 330ml. The design of the shapes and the material expresses and translates concretely the lightness of Lauretana water. Chosen by the best Chefs, as well as by the families, Lauretana is the perfect water to combine any dish because it respects its original fullness, without altering its taste. Lauretana S.p.A. Frazione Campiglie, 56 – 13895 Graglia (BI) +39 015 2442811 Facebook: Instagram: acqua_lauretana Twitter: @Acqua_Lauretana

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