ESTAL presents WILD GLASS, 100% RECYCLED GLASS PCR. The innovative project will be presented at Packaging Première 2022 as part of the Avant-Garde.

Wild Glass is a movement in which its identifying features are the cause and consequence of a more sustainable, efficient, and honest production.
Wild Glass is the only one in the world that uses up to 100% Post Consumer Recycled glass content (PCR) and accepts all types of recovered glass, creating a really interesting and truly organic color range. Is available in Wild Flint Glass and Wild Dark Glass.
In Wild Glass the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The natural imperfections are beauty. Wild Glass is the new reference for a handmade image, is the new fashion colour, and it’s produced by 100% recycled glass (PCR).
The RUDE bottle collection is designed in a way that is perfectly recognizable and different from the rest of the spirits in the market:
– Primitive Silhouettes
– Ultra-short necks: Rude has a very defined common trade, a shaved appearance craft short-neck finishes called CHOKER (patented finish), which are all the same diameter, making them fully interchangeable. An efficient way to expand and customize the collection.
– Visually heavy light weight: All 700ml bottle models target the 600g weight mark while the 750ml models go as light as 550g. This improves the glass distribution even more and helps reducing the cost of manufacturing obtaining a competitive price advantage and a more sustainable product.
– Naturally rough looking glass
– Uneven glass distribution & conscious lines: The collection was designed in a way that facilitates the manufacturing process.
– Colours & imperfections: Uneven colours and aesthetic imperfections are welcome, allowing for less bottles to be discarded in the manufacturing process resulting in a more cost effective, eco-friendly and sustainable production.
A CLASSIC CONTEMPORARY DESIGN. Magister is defined by the value of things done well, taken care of down to the finest detail, with the contemporary design of its classic, quintessential packaging for Health & Care and Home Fragrance.
INVERTED CONE. The inverted cone shape of the neck, topped by a mouth ring, together with its taut, raised shoulders, give this design a contemporary, classic character. The result is a tremendously versatile and distinctive bottle.
More information: wildglassworld.com

Wild Glass production process

Wild Glass Collection

Wild Glass MAGISTER Collection

Wild Glass RUDE Collection

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