Valtenna presents Light Core System at Packaging Première 2022 Avant-Garde.

Valtenna’s Light Core Project was selected for  Packaging Avant-Garde and will be presented at Packaging Première 2022.

In a global and digitalized distribution system, you can see a constant increase of goods handling affecting all packaging systems.

Among packaging solutions, we are aware those made of cellulose have important environmental advantages vs other synthetic materials. Italy is particularly good at paper supply chain with its packaging recycling index of 80% (1) and its goal to reach 800000 tons with an expected fiber recycling rate of 90%.

Speaking of recycling, our country can claim a 79% rate of global recycling (it doubles the European average rate).

Valtenna has been pursuing an ethical path since 2011 and it aims to become carbon free by 2030.

The company is ISO 9001, SA 8000, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified, and it has also obtained COC-FSC™ e COC-PEFC™ certifications.

On a production level it has introduced good practices such as the use of recycled or responsible produced raw materials, vegetable glue and inks, as well as the production of renewable energies through its photovoltaic and geothermal system.


In this scenario, Valtenna has developed the Light Core system as a result of internal research and skills transfer between its 2 company divisions (rigid packaging and folding carton packaging).

Several technological innovations have led to the production of a rigid pack with a core in micro flute board, combining functional and aesthetic qualities to a weight reduction of 30%. The weight reduction means significant advantages both in logistics and in raw material usage.

This system is compatible with a wide range of rigid structures and can come with different inserts made of cellulose core in order to supply single material and completely recyclable packs. These inserts are able to replace plastic thermoformed and foam inserts.

Also, Light Core system in its collapsible version combines the mass reduction of 30% to a volume reduction of 90% providing remarkable logistics advantages.

The optimization of this type of material guarantees complementarity compared to the traditional supply chain of rigid board. It also complies with production continuity needs as well as efficiency in multichannel supply.

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