The Good Idea was selected for Avant-Garde 2023 with “Rebrain Ocean”, a social and environmental sustainability project

“Rebrain Ocean” is a social and environmental sustainability project: chain fully certified Ocean Bound Plastic

REBRAIN OCEAN is a social and environmental sustainability project, characterized by a virtuous supply chain, from collection to the final product.

A chain fully certified Ocean Bound Plastic. Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) is a plastic waste defined “at risk of ending up in the sea”. It is estimated that OBP generates 80% of marine litter. The Ocean Bound Plastic Certification Program was created to encourage the removal of this waste within 50 km from the coast, preventing it from ending up in the sea.

The supply chain involves a series of partners, each with a specific role in the process:

  • Zero Plastic Oceans, the NGO that created the Ocean Bound Plastic certification,
  • Prameya Foundation, an Indian non-profit organisation that collects plastics, promoting environmental conservation and rural development,
  • Alliance Fibres Ltd, the third PET recycling plant in India for the production of recycled ocean polyester, with which we will build a second collection center in the Surat area, where plastic waste will be transformed into flakes, pellets or yarns,
  • Rebrain, that will support its customers in the creative development of different types of products and gifts & gadgets,
  • Mon Export, a factory with decades of experience in the production sector, which has developed an ethical supply chain for the recycling and processing of polyester plastic, today used to produce bags and accessories for companies around the world.


Customers can benefit the entire supply chain as well as individual parts, depending on the need.

We used OBP certified fabrics to create products in great demand by most of our customers, matching bags and clutches, which combine the use of eco-sustainable materials with an attractive and functional design.

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