Overkart exhibits at Avant-Garde 2023 with IMPLUVIA, an innovative shaped packaging

IMPLUVIA was born from a customer challenge that Overkart threw down: packaging that was seemingly impossible to produce on a large scale
It’s our most exciting challenge. That’s when a customer of ours ask us to develop an apparently impossible packaging to be produced on large scale. Packaging creativity at the service of product communication and technical expertise in support of industrialisation that’s what makes problem-solving an art. IMPLUVIA was born from this challenge, creating a box with an unusual shape having strong artistic references such as the inspiration to the Bauhaus. Two impluvium flaps were precisely the challenge to the production on a large scale. Verifying the project, and finalising all details before confirming the workability on a large scale is the step where we think to Pirandello “One, No one, One Hundred Thousand” that for us it becomes exactly “One prototype, No mistake, Hundred Thousand packaging solutions”.

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