At Avant-Garde 2023 will exhibit myCordenons with a new paper made from olive pits

From the pits of the olives comes a new paper produced by myCordenons for Fratelli Carli

Exploiting the processing waste from which Fratelli Carli’s oil is born, myCordenons developed a paper used to produce the shoppers for the oil company’s sales outlet.

For a long time myCordenons produce paper using fibers and derived materials, but for the first time, thanks to the cooperation of Olio Carli, even the pits of the olives enter in the production cycle. It is an innovation that exploits oil processing waste making it a precious raw material, to create compostable and biodegradable bags.

The artisan charm that characterizes myCordenons products is reflected in this new paper: at the end of the oil production process, the olive pits are recovered and fragmented. Once they have been reduced to powder, these are added to the cellulose and water mixture from which the paper is then produced: the resulting product is 100% recyclable, deliberately single-coloured, to minimize the environmental impact generated by the inks, and resistant like a traditional paper.

The project confirms the attention that unites the two realities to the issues of sustainability and respect for the territory, searching constantly for high quality solutions.


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