Waste finds new life in Annarita Serra’s energetic and intense works.

In the Art Gallery you’ll discover the artworks of Annarita Serra, the artists who gives new life to waste collected on Sardinian beaches.


Annarita Serra gathers a large quantity of plastic from the beaches of Sardinia, her homeland, and transports it to Milan. In her atelier, she stores and assembles all kinds of waste into a new order. She then glues, nails and drills; here there are no colours or brushes, there are only workshop instruments that have little to do with the romantic image of the artist. It is like this that her intense and energetic oeuvres are born, giving new life to waste. Annarita often recreates great artistic icons and the faces of famous figures, attracting attention from afar, to then discover that from close up they are realized with recycled waste. She thus reaches an intense aesthetic commitment through a strong but delicate and humane communicative mode. Her works, through a form of masking beauty, become witnesses of an increasingly contaminated nature’s silent cry for help. The main characters of her work are especially the sea and pollution of the waters, but also touches upon the growing waste of electronic appliances, whose recycling poses particular problems of pollution and biodegradability. Certain works created with computer parts, namely keyboard keys and motherboards, were exhibited on occasion of her personal exhibition at Palazzo Ducale in Genova, during the presentation of Weenmodels, a European Project for the management of hi-tech waste in Italy.

Annarita began exhibiting her work in 2006, after a career in the field of marketing. Prior to that, she received her diploma from the Liceo Artistico Statale Brera and studied Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic.

The Art Gallery will take place at Packaging Première & PCD Milan from 24 to 26 May 2022 – Hall 4, Fieramilanocity, Milan.

Message in the bottle: plastic from the sea cm 90×90

Non ti amo più: computer keys cm 90×90

L’onda: Acrylic on euro cents cm90x90

The sad man: plastic from the sea cm 90×90

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