Alessandro Consoli’s artworks at Packaging Première’s Art Gallery: hydrocarbon fossils.

Alessandro Consoli will be exhibiting in the Art Gallery of Packaging Première 2022, with his Hydrocarbon Fossils made from plastic waste.

“The lockdown forced me to have fun with what I had at home… and I didn’t have much more than what we all had: time to spend, food to cook and tobacco stocks.
In this comfortable isolation I played with what I accumulated, with the waste of my daily life and make the best of it. So, before closing the rubbish bag,
I would check to see if there were any leftovers inside that might inspire me.

This is how fossils were born, fossils of imaginary animals, plastic bones and cartilage of my carefree consumption, small glasses of lactic ferments that, if you crush them, become skulls; femurs disguised as coffee spoons, spines that were meant to be used to finish the electrical system of the house… things that I had in my hands thousands of times, that turned upside down, revealed new natures.
As ironically as it happened to the dinosaurs to become oil, oil itself goes back to being fossil memory.
Bones of hydrocarbons, remains that will last for millennia, which in the intuitive and exciting work of simulating a real skeleton, bitterly remind us of how unnaturally and sadly this will end.”

Alessandro Consoli, a graduate of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in sculpture, started working as a sculptor and decorator in many fields, from prototyping for high fashion brands, to television set design, to collaborations with the
television set design, to collaborations in the creation of realistic animal models for museums and science theme parks.

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