Material choice: the hidden costs of packaging innovation

To understand the impact that the transformation is having on packaging applications Industrial Physics conducted an international survey of packaging professionals within consumer goods, food and beverage, and medical and pharmaceutical industries.

The research from the global packaging, product, and material test and inspection partner, revealed a strong, sector-wide appetite for packaging innovation (96%).

Sustainability is high on the agenda for all sectors including food and beverage, with recyclability (60%), waste reduction (58%) scoring highly, and biodegradable materials (47%) revealed to be a top focus for investment. However, new approaches to packaging manufacturing are not without their challenges.

  • 60% of packaging professionals are choosing to reduce and replace plastic.
  • PET can be recycled up to ten times and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 79%.
  • 53% cited new materials developing more quickly than standard as their biggest quality standards challenge.

Overall, the material innovations currently underway in the international packaging industry are positive and will benefit manufacturers, brands and consumers alike. However, as highlighted in this year’s research, these developments are not without their challenges and in every case, a full evaluation of the monetary and environmental costs is required to make an informed decision.

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