JDO designs limited edition Absolut bottle celebrating the power of diversity

JDO has designed a limited-edition bottle for Absolut Vodka, in conjunction with musician, actor, and LGBTQ+ activist Olly Alexander.

JDO said the new design introduces sleek lines that enhance the Absolut bottle’s aesthetics while preserving its iconic silhouette.

The front and back labels of the bottle interact to create a sense of ‘depth, drama and engagement’.

JDO’s artwork utilised the front and back labels to craft an attractive stained-glass effect.

The medallion at the bottle’s centre further showcases this enchanting mosaic pattern.

Debasree Dasgupta, global vice president, Absolut Vodka, said: “Absolut Mosaik is our latest launch as part of our ongoing commitment to celebrating the power of diversity and reminding us of how colourful the world can be when we embrace each other’s differences; the vibrant, colourful bottle designed by the formidable Olly Alexander and JDO is the perfect embodiment of how we are each a piece of a greater whole in society.”

Source: Packaging News

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Absolut Vodka JDO
Absolut Vodka JDO

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