Art-Gallery 2024: discover the collaboration inspired by digital art with the artist Vincenzo Marsiglia.

Vincenzo Marsiglia is the artist collaborating with Packaging Première & PCD to set up the entrance and Art-Gallery of the event, surprising visitors with illusions, effects, and digital art.

Marsiglia, an artist experimenting with the use of technology to test the properties of his language for new expressive solutions and a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts Aldo Galli – IED in Como and the Academy of Fine Arts Santa Giulia in Brescia, will set up the entrance of Packaging Première & PCD Milan and the Art-Gallery.

This area will be dedicated to students from the two academies where he teaches, the Aldo Galli Academy in Como and the Santa Giulia Academy in Brescia, where he has selected a series of deserving works for a great opportunity like Packaging Première & PCD Milan.

The Art-Gallery Project

For the realization of the NFT project, the new Italian platform Openverse will be involved, where all digital works will be integrated into the crypto world.

The installation of the works will be on vertical screens with a particular setup created with walls forming diagonals to allow a broader view of the project. This is the new mode of enjoying digital art, creating a color reminiscent of the NFT and packaging world to provide elegance and immersion, blending seamlessly with the flooring and walls.

Each student has created their own work according to their artistic expression and themes to allow ample room for personal creativity, without a specific theme, aiming for pure digital artistic expression.

Art Gallery

Vincenzo Marsiglia

Vincenzo Marsiglia was born in Belvedere Marittimo (CS) in 1972.

He studied at the Institute of Art in Imperia and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, where he graduated in painting. He began exhibiting in the 1990s, with solo and group shows in galleries, museums, and public spaces in Italy and abroad.

Marsiglia is a professor at the Aldo Galli Academy of Fine Arts – IED in Como and the Santa Giulia Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia. His artistic research originates from a visual element corresponding to a four-pointed star, which has become a distinctive component of his work over time, serving as an authentic “logo.”

The compositional aspect of his works appears to reflect an obsessive practice, generating ever-new outcomes in which this symbol permeates textiles, ceramics, stone, glass, and paper, articulating itself in continuous variations of rhythm and form.

His aesthetics, characterized by rigor and balance, can be traced back to the tradition of Geometric Abstraction, Minimalism, and Optical art. In his recent works, the artist experiments with the use of technology to test the properties of his language for new expressive solutions. This type of work reflects a new consideration of contemporaneity related to the communication tools that characterize it, aiming to achieve a mutable work of art capable of completion through interaction with the viewer.

Some of his notable solo exhibitions include “UNRITRATTOPERUNIRCI” (2023), “ALCHIMIA DI LUCE,” and “MAP STAR – Rome” (2022). He has also participated in significant group exhibitions such as “LANDSCAPE EXPERIENCE CONNESSIONI TRA ARTE E PAESAGGIO” (2023), “RACCONTI (IN) VISIBILI: TRA CIELO E TERRA,” and “LA COULEUR EN MOUVEMENT” (2022).

Marsiglia’s involvement with Packaging Première & PCD involves collaborating on the entrance and Art-Gallery setup, incorporating illusions, effects, and digital art pieces. He will also curate an area dedicated to students from the Aldo Galli Academy in Como and the Santa Giulia Academy in Brescia, showcasing selected works for the event. The digital art will be presented using the NFT format on the Openverse platform, adding a new dimension to the exhibition.


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Art Gallery
Art Gallery

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