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Packaging Première & PCD Milan – the future of luxury, perfume, cosmetics and personal care packaging

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Packaging Première is an exclusive exhibition dedicated to those who create packaging for the luxury sector. Packaging Première is the stage that enhances the entire supply chain.

PCD – Packaging of Perfume, Cosmetics & Design is the beauty packaging's new meeting place

What can you expect from our events


The event will offer a unique opportunity to present your inspirational packaging materials, solutions and breakthrough products to luxury and beauty packaging designers and buyers.


Through talks and interactive sessions on the hottest topics in beauty packaging, visitors will come to PCD Milan to learn from some of the most influential and innovative experts in the perfume and cosmetic industry.


Every aspect of the visitor’s experience of the event – from pre-show messaging to networking sessions and our on-site gallery – is designed to help them find new ideas and connect their future suppliers.


Drive future business growth with an unrivalled community of key decision makers from the world’s most iconic brands and go back to the office with a fresh prospect list for your next sales.

Packaging Première & PCD Milan

Since its first edition, Packaging Première has represented the perfect meeting space for designers, producers and brands, who use packaging as a powerful communication tool, especially in the luxury sector.

In 2022, for the first time, PCD comes to Milan as the new beauty packaging’s meeting space.

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