James Cropper partners with sustainable fragrance challenger

James Cropper has partnered with a new player in the fragrance market – BelRebel – to deliver a circular packaging solution.

Complementing BelRebel’s vision of creating a fully eco conscious offer, the fragrance challenger brand selected James Cropper’s Vanguard range of paper to create the boxes for its seven fragrances, as well as the absorbent tester blotters for fragrance evaluation. Containing 30% upcycled fibre, the Vanguard paper gives a second life to recovered fibre and is blended with fresh fibre from sustainable forestry sources to deliver beautiful papers without any compromise on performance or beauty.

The packaging is minimalist and sleek and yet its personality is maximised through the colour and design. The design ensures only an essential amount of material is used. Likewise, the blotters are ink-free, with die-cut branding and a series of regimented holes across the surface.

This fits strongly with the brand’s design philosophy on adopting sustainable practices, right from the precious materials that produce the fragrances through to the packaging. All ingredients are ethically sourced, sustainably packaged and always made in-house in London.

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James Cropper


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