Operations manual for Packaging Première & PCD Milan exhibitors

Exhibitor interaction

Make the most of your exhibitor experience

Get ready to exhibit with our suggestions to maximize your ROI

Packaging Première & PCD Milan is your opportunity to collect new contacts but also to meet your clients and present your innovations.

To make the most of your experience as an exhibitor, we recommend inviting your clients to visit your stand and scheduling appointments in advance. This way, you’ll make the most of your days onsite by meeting all your clients in one place.

The best way to do this is by sharing the personal link associated with your stand with your contacts, which you can find on your MyEasyfairs profile.

If you don’t have your MyEasyfairs access credentials yet, please contact luana.pugliese@easyfairs.com

Why sharing your personal link and how to do it

Exhibiting at Packaging Première & PCD Milan grants each company a personal link associated with their stand, which can be found on every exhibitor’s MyEasyfairs profile.

It’s crucial for exhibitors to use this link to invite their contacts to visit their stand. During the event, you’ll receive a notification on your phone every time a visitor who registered through your company’s personal link arrives onsite.

Sharing your company’s personal link with your contacts is therefore essential to make the most of the exhibiting experience.

Easyfairs offers a series of free marketing tools to easily share your invitation. Discover them or copy your link by accessing MyEasyfairs and start inviting your contacts!

Orders for booths and furnishings

Get ready to exhibit

Pay special attention to the Check List and Deadlines to ensure that you don’t miss any steps before the start of Packaging Première & PCD Milan.

Placing orders in a timely manner through the MyEasyfairs online shop and completing forms for any additional services promptly will ensure that you do not incur surcharges for late orders. Please refer to the Exhibitor Deadlines for further details.

PP & PCD Milan Hall

Beware of Fake List Vendors and Similar Scams!

Beware of Fake List Vendors and Similar Scams!

Easyfairs draws your attention to fraudulent offers of list data and other “services” that you may receive via unsolicited emails.

If you receive such a communication, it is certainly fraudulent and does not come from Easyfairs. Easyfairs never sells visitor data to third parties.

The data provided by these companies is most of the time either inaccurate, incomplete, of poor quality or even fake and/or have been gathered or acquired in contravention of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Any use that such companies make of the name Easyfairs or Packaging Première & PCD Milan is without our authorisation and is illegal.

Please do not respond to these emails. On no account should you make any payments to the companies behind them.

Please inform Easyfairs if you receive any such solicitations so we can warn others.

Why visit?

It will be an exclusive opportunity to share ideas and inspiration. Every aspect of the visitor’s experience of the event is designed to help them find new ideas and connect their future suppliers.

When and Where

21-23 May 2024 Allianz MiCo - Gate 4 Milan
How to get there


The appointments with experts and wold-leading brands to discover the latest innovations in luxury and beauty packaging.
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