Good design, good business
The focus will be on the real process of creation of these three flacons for which the creative agency has scouted on cutting edge materials and constructions methodologies. Pricing is the pillar of any packaging design development. Keep far from dreams is the must to conceive and create successful flacons.

Case history presentate:
Chopard Haute Parfumerie et Avant Première
Boucheron Bague Quatre
Bvlgari Aqva

Fabrice Legros, Fondatore PI Design


Craftmanship: a way to stand out in a competitive perfume industry

When a client comes to us, his first question is often the same: “Can you design a packaging that stands out ?”. A design can be done without any limits but our imagination. Yet, industry sometimes does not run at the same pace. So how to succeed in imagining an innovative packaging while taking into account the industrial technical limitations?
This question brings us to think, and adjust our creations and challenge our design team as well as our manufacturers.
Craftsmanship is one of the answers we found: handmade process, bring back to life ancestral know how, mix materials that are not usually used together, find other use of existing materials…

Case history presentate:
Candles for Frédéric Malle and Ex-Nihilo
Artisan parfumeur
Home collection for Kilian
Histoires de parfums
Armani Privé
L’Arc Parfums
Friede Modin

Florence Nguyen, Fondatrice Anha Design to Manufacture


Wine & Spirits


Drinks in luxurious clothing
Il mercato delle bevande in Germania offre una grande varietà: che sia gin o acqua naturale, vino frizzante o un drink di tendenza, tutti dimostrano il proprio valore. Dal minimalismo all’opulenza dell’oro e dei glitter, tutto è concesso.
Il convegno presenta le tendenze del settore, le possibilità di rifinitura e alcune case study con un’attenzione particolare al mercato di lingua tedesca.

Anne Luneau, Brand Boutique
Eva-Sophie Thormählen, Win Creating Images
Dieter Hauser, HS Design
Dominik Schoch, Studio Schoch

Moderatore: Ute von Buch, Creativ Verpacken


La partecipazione alle conferenze è libera e gratuita.
Gli atti, ove disponibili, saranno forniti previa richiesta.

Martedì 15 Maggio
10.30 – 17.00
Sala conferenze

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