24-26 maggio 2022 | Fieramilanocity Pad. 4 Milano

Click ‘n go mascara


Click ‘n go mascara

The Click ‘n Go mascara packaging is engineered for an easy and fast opening and closing system.
60 years after the first mascara, Brivaplast has taken a journey to simplify the make-up gesture.

Click, extract, use and click back; our patented system helps by lifting and closing the cap with a light pressure, simplifying the removal of the applicator for mascara application. Designed with a slight curve to the top of the cap, it easily accommodates the finger shape.

By replacing the traditional two-handed screwing of a cap to a bottle with our one-handed “click system” for both opening and closing, we have created a fun, fast and easy new make-up gesture. It is also helpful for persons who have impaired physical disabilities.

The Click ‘n Go system is designed for the “on the go” lifestyle.
Click ‘n Go is fully patented by Brivaplast.



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