In the avant-garde of the sustainable movement, the German manufacturer of branded gift wrapping paper and tissue paper has implemented an extensive sustainable strategy. The goal is to achieve durable improvements all over the production and supply chain. The owners of JUNG understood that an integrated, well-founded strategy towards sustainable production is the key to persist on today’s challenging markets. This is why an intensive investment scheme has been started in 2018.

A new ink formulation system was installed in 2018 which makes it possible to reduce ink consumption and ink wastage significantly.

End of 2019 Jung will install a new sheet cutting machine which will use approximately 50% less energy than the old equipment. It will also allow to reduce waste by about 10%. Procedures in printing, converting and packaging have been improved with the goal to minimize material and energy consumption.

All gift wrap materials used by JUNG are either FSC® certified or 100% recycled “Blauer Engel”. The tissue papers are FSC® certified from German or European mills. Recycled tissue papers will be added to the portfolio shortly.

In packaging of the finished paper products the use of plastic has been reduced to the necessary minimum. Where plastic cannot be avoided, JUNG switched to recycled materials where it is technically feasible.

Since 2016, JUNG is only using hydro energy. In 2018 approx. 610.000 kg of CO2 emissions were avoided by this energy change.

There are constant improvements in the printing and converting facilities in order to reduce energy consumption and waste percentages. In 2020 a photovoltaic power plant will be installed, using the large roof surface of the factory buildings. This will help to create energy for the machines and buildings. In off periods the excess energy produced will be fed back into public circuit.

All these measures do not reduce the efforts to improve the quality of the products. As a proof, JUNG has just been awarded the “Special achievements in flexo print” prize at the most recent DFTA Awards for a print creation on a 20 g FSC® tissue paper.

More information about the extensive approach of JUNG towards sustainable production can be seen in the “JUNG Environmental charter” that can be send to interested customers on demand.

Claus Jung, May 2019