For the first time ever, Soporset will be present in the third edition of Packaging Première.

Soporset is a premium paper brand that makes part of an integrated forestry, pulp and paper, tissue, bio-energy and, most recently, white kraft packaging paper, producer – The Navigator Company, whose business is based on large-scale facilities that use cutting-edge technology and set quality standards for the sector. The Company has been consolidating its position as the European leader in the production of uncoated woodfree printing and writing paper (UWF) over the last years and the main biomass energy producer in Portugal.

The Navigator Company produces natural, biodegradable and recyclable paper, made from renewable forests of evergreen trees under a sustainable forest management with a production of more than 24 million plants/year. It uses around 90% of renewable materials and 70% of renewable energy. The Company commits itself to become Carbon Neutral by 2035. In the beginning of the year was distinguished by CDP, a non-profit environmental organization, as a global leader in terms of corporate climate action, reaching a prominent place on the ‘A’ list of climate change.

On the deluxe packaging event, Soporset will be exhibiting its versatility of substances and will be showcased as a “consciently premium paper”, which embodies such a superior quality and sustainable mindset that can even be felt by anyone.

With a positioning clearly based on environmental awareness, Soporset uses the finest and efficient quality raw materials from Eucalytpus globulus fibres, which provide the best natural solutions for the luxury sector, through an eco-efficient paper that comes from the highest technology and constant search for innovation and that is able to guarantee a superior printing quality.

Although paper luxury packaging has been around for decades, lately it has been witnessing a resurgence by the increase of eco-conscious consumers. Paper presents itself as a sustainable solution that is taking packaging to the next level – the way packaging feels and its tactile quality and natural feeling, are just as important as its appearance. Paper has the power to provide comfort: the tactile quality of packaging and its visual experience can even transform how a brand is perceived and is able to create an emotional bond with consumers.

With its natural rough surface, high whiteness, combined with a superior stiffness and unbeatable performance, Soporset paper invites touch, resulting in a product choice adequate for luxury packaging.

At stand D78 E79, visitors will be able unveil the outstanding quality of Soporset’ range and step into a visionary world that connects luxury and sustainability.