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Trends Talks

In June 2020 Packaging Première launched a series of webinars entitled “Trends Talks”, inspired by the research commissioned by the event organizer and carried out through interviews with some of the most authoritative opinion leaders, brands and designers belonging to the luxury packaging community.

As part of the research, the packaging trends of high-end products were summarized, providing a complete overview of all sectors of use of packaging. Each appointment of the webinar cycle is instead dedicated to the study of a single sector or a specific topic, acting as a meeting point for the community and a virtual place to exchange ideas and get ideas for their work.

24 September, at 11.00 am // Classici in carta

L’estro creativo degli studenti di IED – Isituto Europeo di Design di Firenze – interpreta i titoli dei grandi Classici, plasmando in maniera inusuale carta e colori per copertine intuitive senza parole.

Le copertine saranno in Mostra al Padiglione di Arte Contemporanea – PAC Milano – dal 5 al 7 ottobre, nell’ambito di Packaging Première Collection. Ma prima se ne parlerà in un webinar dedicato con i diretti interessati, gli studenti autori delle copertine e la coordinatrice del progetto Laura Moretti, docente IED, e con Fontana Grafica, che ha messo a disposizione parte delle carte ecosostenibili di alta qualità utilizzate nel progetto. Sperimentare, manipolare, plasmare, interpretare la carta “oltre al consueto” per essere in grado di progettare in maniera creativa/innovativa nel campo della grafica per l’editoria è stato l’obiettivo che si è posto l’Istituto Europeo di Design – IED Firenze con il progetto “Classici in Carta”. Gli studenti del corso di formazione continua in Grafica per la Comunicazione si sono così cimentati nella re-interpretazione delle copertine di Odissea, Divina Commedia, Sogno di una notte di mezza estate , Le Metamorfosi, Pinocchio ma anche I Tre Porcellini, Pippi Calzelunghe, I viaggi di Gulliver, Frankenstein, Guida Galattica per autostoppisti – per citare alcuni tra i 38 titoli scelti. Saranno gli studenti a spiegarci dal vivo i contenuti, i percorsi, le idee e le intuizioni che li hanno portati a dare vita ai loro progetti.


Maria Antonietta Savino, Marketing & Key Account Manager @ Fontana Grafica
Laura Moretti, Docente IED Firenze e coordinatrice del progetto Classici in Carta
Studenti IED Firenze, del corso in Grafica e Comunicazione, autori delle copertine


14 July, 11:30 a.m. // Perfect luxury – cosmetics and perfumes: research and passion, from raw materials to packaging

One of Packaging Première’s TREND TALKS developed in partnership with Experience Lab. An Italian event designed to foster the growth and promotion of niche brands in the beauty sector.

Upon first impact, perfume is an olfactory experience, while cosmetics make a statement of health and beauty. However, the experience begins far away, in everything that the product is able to evoke, not just in onlookers, but above all in those who use it and decide to purchase it. It involves all the senses: from touch to sight, incorporating taste and, obviously, smell. When it comes to a luxury product, the first point of contact is its packaging, which has to convey class, sophistication and exclusivity. It is an object that has to manoeuvre the most intriguing and seductive levers of communication. At the same time, the top-end cosmetics and perfume industry cannot ignore the newfound general awareness among all consumers, which has led to a demand for more eco-sustainable products both as regards their formula and packaging. And what can be said about the small-scale, almost artisanal production that is so widespread in Italy and so precious, which still has to deal with the issues posed by minimum production levels. Aesthetics and communication, along with the way the product is presented, go hand in hand with the formula, in the quest for “perfect luxury”.

Katia de Martino, General Manager, Essentia Beauty
Alessia Auriemma, Creative Director and Trend Specialist, VisionaryLab
Beatrice Balzarotti, Sensory Anthropology Expert
Eva Lagarde, CEO, founder
Gaia Passi, journalist, Flo – The Beauty Magazine


8 July, 10.30 a.m. // Erbivora, when paper is organic

Textured to the touch and the colour of sand, it contains 40% sun-dried grass

Erbivora offers an excellent support for paper processing and printed work. It is perfect for covering cases and boxes because of the way it lends itself to artistic interpretations, and it can even be used for packaging dry foodstuffs. Erbivora, marked by Perego Carta, is an FSC-certified eco-friendly paper that perfectly embraces the current and unavoidable demand for “sustainability”.

Luisa Inverardi, PR Manager and Creator of Makula Paper Perego Carta
Rodolfo di Paolo, Marketing Manager Perego Carta
Toni Traglia, Progettista grafico freelance | corporate, brand e packaging designer | web designer
Sokol Gjepali, Owner GS Cartotecnica
Lara Lodato, Set Designer & Stylist, Owner Paperize


9 June, 10:30 a.m. // Paptic®, the green revolution for luxury packaging

Exclusive and more versatile than anything that has come before. Paptic® is the green revolution for luxury packaging.

Paptic Ltd caters to the fashion sector

Paptic® is a new and truly unique product, where the main raw material is sustainably sourced wood fibre. It is a new generation packaging material, which is renewable, reusable and recyclable and can easily be used in the place of less eco-friendly materials. Paptic® is pleasant to the touch, resistant and light, and makes the brands that use it stand out from their competitors. Paptic® can be used in the place of significant quantities of plastic in numerous fields of application in packaging, using this innovative material to make shopping bags, polybags and e-commerce envelopes among other things, and for packaging products in various sectors, such as fashion.

Diego Caviola, Communication and Business Development Paptic Ltd
Bruno Porro, Business Development Manager Paptic Ltd
Valeria Vignolini, Ceo Vignolplast

logo paptic


Trends Talks on demand - Build the box!

Combining luxury and sustainability in packaging: how to design a “green” rigid wrapped box.

The webinar cycle consists of 3 sessions available on demand, 1 interview  and 1 final live round table on April 22 , in conjunction with Earth Day. During the round table the keynote speakers of all the sessions will take the stage for further information and to answer questions from the audience.


Available on demand
Ilaria Sani , Sales Manager Emmeci
Simona Berti , International Sales Manager Menichetti Glues & Adhesives
Nicola Giantin , CEO Duegi Packaging
Cristina Maffei , Chef Stellato, CEO & Owner Mantea Gourmet


Available on demand
Andrea Marongiu , Sales Manager e Luxury Packaging Manager Nastrificio De Bernardi
Domenico Colucci , Owner & CEO Rossi Carta
Elena Bonzi , Owner Sartoria del Gusto
Vincenzo Antonuccio , Docente and Floral Designer


Interview available on demand

Claudio Rossi , Faenza Group CEO
Simona Dalprato , Faenza Group Customer Care Manager


Available on demand
Laura Moretti , Graphic Designer e Docente IED 
Francesco Ricasoli , Presidente e CEO Barone Ricasoli
Danila Versini , Co-founder Manualis Cartiera in Fabriano
Fabio Berto , Owner Agon




Exhibit or visit Packaging Première

Being part of an industry as fluid and dynamic as packaging, it pays to keep your finger on the pulse and know what trends, issues and opportunities are out there…

























Past Trends Talks

25 February // Sustainable labels

From fashion accessory to wine, how to talk to the public without damaging the environment.


Tommaso Pecchioli e Vincenzo Maccarrone, Art Director and Co-founder Officina Grafica
Dario Santilli, Packaging Solution Manager, UPM Kymmene Srl – Raflatac Division
Francesco Celante, Owner, Rotas Italia
Stefano Scardocchia, Sustainability Reporting Manager Banfi
Cristiano Berto, Craftsman Designer Cristiano Berto Design Office
Doriana Marini, CEO & Co-founder, DIENPI Srl
Giovanna Baglio, Sustainability Manager, Ostinelli Seta Spa


28 January // Fashion fighting the climate crisis: carbon neutrality as a goal

Reducing CO2 emissions is the way forward for all fashion companies that really want to make a contribution to the sustainability of the industry, initiatives outside of this objective are more beneficial to marketing than to the environment.
This is a topic that is very close to our hearts and we will talk about it in the next Trends Talk.


Lucio Brotto, Director Business Development, ETIFOR (spin-off of Università di Padova)
Davide Bulgarelli, CEO of Bulgarelli Production (first and only company in the sector to reach the goal Carbon Positive)
Michele Novak, Research and Technical Assistant, FSC Italia


21 January // How to implement a winning marketing strategy through packaging, shopper, exhibitors

How to implement a winning marketing strategy through packaging, shopping bags, displays? What variables come into play when choosing materials, shapes, graphics, shopping bags and POP material to achieve the goal of increasing brand awareness?
To find out more watch the new Trends Talks!


Serena Vinciguerra, Product Designer & Art Director, Co-founder Nuup & Eco-designer
Antonella Falasca, Designer & Founder, Poshead
Jan Bohlmeier, Sales & Marketing Manager, H. Bohlmeier
Federica Lusiani, Owner, Alambicco
Giuseppe Nasca, Ceo, Adaptive Group


14 January // Packaging "Effetto WOW" ?!

Digital printing is starting to make a big impact on packaging graphics, as well as in the creation of functional prototypes. It responds perfectly to the growing demand for custom graphics and shapes, and on-demand production. Packaging is not just a box but a marketing channel to be fully leveraged to capture customers.


Giovanni ReCommunity Manager Roland DG, digital fabbrication, visual communication ed effetto wow specialist


Packaging Première Collection - Digital Edition

Packaging Première Collection, the selective three day event dedicated to those who create packaging for the luxury sectors of perfume & cosmetics, fine food, wine & spirits, fashion, accessories and jewellery, becomes digital.

Following the Dpcm of 24 October 2020, it launches the virtual edition, staged from 9 to 12 November 2020.

9 NOVEMBER – 10.00 -12.00 am
Perfume & Cosmetics

Alessandra De Giorgi, Sales Manager, Inca
Marta Franceschi, Pruduct Manager, Fedrigoni
Ramona Serati, Market Development Manager Beauty Care, Autajon Packaging Milano
Oliviero Pisani, R&D Manager, Autajon Packaging Milano
Andrea Donghi, AD & Site Director, Autajon Packaging Milano

Guest: Sara Appiani, Sourcing Manager Retail, L’Oréal Italia

9 NOVEMBER – 2.30 – 5.00 pm
Perfume & Cosmetics

Jan Bohlmeier, Sales & Marketing Manager, H. Bohlmeier
Federica Lusiani, Owner, Alambicco
Marco Fochi, Global Key Account Manager Standard Business, Heinz-Glas Group
Paolo Vertulli, South Europe Sales Manager, Vimer
Valentina Merendelli, Amministratore Delegato e Direttore Commerciale,Vimer

Guest: Diletta Tonatto, CEO Tonatto Profumi

10 NOVEMBER – 10.00 – 12.30 am
Fashion, Accessories & Jewellery, Perfume & Cosmetics

Gianluigi Merante, Direzione Commerciale, Cavallini
Enrico Ceriana, Co-founder, B-Lab
Carlo Canestri, Co-founder, B-Lab
Cesare Bezzi, Titolare Pack Milano

10 NOVEMBER – 2.30 – 5.00 pm
Fashion, Accessories & Jewellery

Manuela Della Foglia, Resp. Mercato Italiano settore Fine-Packaging, IDP Group
Alice Marchetti, Product Manager Carte Grafiche Speciali, Fedrigoni
Antonella Nano, International KAM, Marketing & Asian Purchasing-Luexury Packaging, Rissmann

Guest: Eleonora Boccalatte, Creative Director, Leonori Gioielli

11 NOVEMBER – 10.00 – 12.30 am
Wine & Spirits, Perfume & Cosmetics

Mauro Molteni, Founder & CEO, Molteniglass
Elena Formenti, Sales Manager, Molteniglass
Marco Maggioni, Owner, Maggioni Type
Maurizio Ficcadenti, Global Innovation and R&D Manager, Baralan

Claudia Belardi – Brand & Marketing Dept. Rancé & C.
Nancy Carrasco, Grafica, Rancé & C.

11 NOVEMBER – 2.30 – 5.00 pm
Wine & Spirits, Perfume & Cosmetics

Chiara Tomasi, Marketing & Communication Manager Prime Papers, Arconvert-Ritrama
Alessandro Carnevale, Brand Ambassador, Luxoro
Elena Formenti, Sales Manager, Molteniglass
Mauro Molteni, Founder & CEO, Molteniglass
Cesare Bezzi, Titolare, Pack Milano
Massimiliano Muciaccia, Responsabile Commerciale Settori Food & Wine, Pack Milano

Elisa Bortolomiol, Sales, marketing and trade officer, San Gregorio Azienda Vinicola
Luca Pancirolli, Presidente del consiglio di amministrazione, Lucano 1894 srl
Elisa Belvedere Mazzetti, Responsabile Export e Comunicazione, Mazzetti d’Altavilla

12 NOVEMBER – 2.30 – 5.00 pm

Roberta Mazzotti, Sustainability & Business Development Manager, Commer Carta
Linda Di Fazio, Resp. Commerciale Prodotti Speciali e R&S, Commer Carta
Cesare Bezzi, Titolare Pack Milano
Massimiliano Muciaccia, Responsabile Commerciale Settori Food & Wine, Pack Milano
Marco Maggioni, Owner, Maggioni Type

Claudio Stefani Giusti, CEO, Acetaia Giuseppe Giusti
Roberta Caneschi, Marketing Dept, Venchi 1878

12 November // Gli Shopper in equilibrio tra estetica, prestazioni e green

Lo shopper è una delle bandiere del marketing. Ad esso è demandato il compito non solo di promuovere il marchio dell’azienda ma soprattutto quello di spiegarne la filosofia. Molto di più di un semplice sacchetto lo shopper diventa un oggetto che verrà riutilizzato per trasportare successivamente altri prodotti. Così i manici si trasformano per adeguarsi alle istanze ecologiche e le stampe subiscono variazioni sostanziali sia per quanto riguarda la grafica che le tecniche per ottenerle.

Orario: 10.00 – 11.15


Manuela Della Foglia, Head of Italiano fine-packaging market for IDP Group
Evelio Mattos, Designer, IDP-INTL Direct Packaging Massimiliano Zichitella, Promoter, Gruppo Cordenons
Valentina Ascione, Co-founder, Studio Ascionemagro


22 October // How to design an eye-catching luxury packaging starting from foil


Vincent Villeger, Design Consultant – Luxury & Beauty Packaging / Product

Vincent is a product, retail and packaging designer, with 20 years experience in the Luxury and Beauty sectors. He spent 8 years at Burberry, where he set-up and led the packaging design team, helping turn the business into the n.1 British luxury brand. His achievements there include fragrances “My Burberry” and “Burberry Bespoke” amongst others, as well as the re-design of the retail and digital commerce packaging. Prior to joining Burberry, Vincent ran his own business with his wife Angela, producing designs for beauty brands including Givenchy, Yves St Laurent and Issey Miyake. His recent work includes designs for online furniture retailer, contemporary jewellery brand Vashi, and British beauty brand Molton Brown. Vincent’s work has been recognised by multiple design awards, including a Gold Pentaward, a Dieline Award and a D&AD Pencil. Based in London, he now provides support to luxury brands globally as a consultant.
Instagram: @vv_luxurypackaging

Conni Dreyer, CEO – Dreyer Kliché

With a background within the advertising industry, Conni Dreyer has been working in Dreyer Kliché in over 25 years, functioning as the CEO since 1994.
Conni has been globally recognized for her work within the graphic industry with several awards for Dreyer Kliché innovative and creative approach towards the graphic finishing.
Conni is known for her creative and innovative mindset, but also for her technical expertise, which she is happy to share in workshops and seminars. She helps designers in the creative process, pushing the boundaries of design.

Paul Hornby, Managing Director – Foilco

With a background in finance and marketing, having worked in all areas of the business at Foilco for over 30 years, Paul strives to make innovative and solution providing stamping foils.
Foilco is an independent family business and offers the largest range of stamping foils in the industry. This gives us the flexibility to create and be hands on with bespoke and specialist design projects.
Alongside product development Paul now focuses on education and support to creatives and printers who share his enthusiasm for stamping foils.
Outside of that he loves travel and Italian red wines.

*webinar in lingua inglese


22 September // Green Art - Print & Paper

The environmental commitment of the Brazilian artist Maria Thereza Alves, the eco-sustainable printing of Grafiche Antiga and Recyco, the new paper produced with recycled fibers by the Cordenons Group: a “green” thread that has given life to a volume of the “No Man’s Land”, series published by Di Paolo Edizioni.


Mario Di Paolo, Creative Director & Owner, Spazio di Paolo
Massimiliano Zichittella, Promoter, Gruppo Cordenons
Amos Michielin, R&D and Print Manager, Grafiche Antiga


22 July // Green cosmetics, from formulation to packaging, through the plastic

Green is an attitude.
In the next meeting, we’ll talk about the packaging design of products with a low environmental impact, especially in the cosmetic market


Romualdo Priore, Marketing Director, Lumson
Franco Giuliani, Owner, Pharmacos
Alessandra Pia, R&D Manager, Pharmacos
Michela De Francesca, Product Manager linea Green Me, Kiko Milano


15 July// The Winning Card is Made in Italy

The “Made in Italy” label is a real economic force: in the next talk we’ll explain how a Made in Italy packaging can really help Italian products conquer foreign markets


Micol Valle, Business Development Manager, Arconvert-Ritrama

Andrea Basile, Creative Director, Basile ADV

Giuseppe Salerno, Type Designer & Co-founder, Resistenza Type Foundry


9 July - Creativity and trends in the packaging of artistic perfumery

In this Packaging Premiere will meet Esxence, the Art Perfumery Event.
Esxence – The Art Perfumery Event is the leading international event dedicated to Artistic Perfumery: it’s a centre of excellence in terms of innovation. So we’re going to examine all the trends and creative elements that mark the artistic perfumery industry.


Maurizio Cavezzali, Co-founder, Esxence

Andrea Casotti, CEO CFF Creative Flavours Fragrances SpA & Fragrance Expert, HIC srl

Davide Bozzini e Diana Rabachin, Co-founders, Opaca Lab Design Studio

Arianna Morimando, Marketing Manager, Vetroelite Group

Linda Marchetti, Creative Director,Vetroelite Group


7 July - The packaging of consumer goods: the challenges of e-commerce

This talk is about consumer goods and the e-commerce growth and challenges, especially during these months. Do not miss this meeting!


Piero Sabatini, Teacher in Design, Unicam

Antonella Manenti, Partner & Art Director, Henry & Co.

Erica Lorenzini, Marketing & Communication Manager, Pisacane Boxes

Federica Mazzon, Sales Specialist, Legoplast


17 June - Trends in Wine & Spirits sector


Stefano Torregrossa, Art Director, Onice Design

Giulia Sciotti, Marketing Manager & Public Relations, Farnese Vini

Laura Gianassi, Marketing & Key Accounts Manager,  Marchesi Mazzei

Maurizio Natale, Marketing & Communication Manager, Cantine San Marzano


10 June - Trends in food packaging


Andrea Rogora, Client Director, Robilant Associati

Silvia D’Alesio, Teacher at NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti

Cristina Crotti, Marketing Specialist, Il Borgo del Balsamico

Luigi Cigliano, Chief Executive Officer, Amedei Tuscany


3 June - Trends in fashion, jewellery and cosmetics sectors


Paolo Proserpio – Art Director & Graphic Designer & Teacher at IED

Eleonora Boccalatte – Marketing & Sales Manager, Leonori Gioielli

Giuseppe Dazzi – Purchasing & Program Manager, Angelini Beauty


Trends Talks videos

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