Lorenzo Petrantoni realizes his works with a procedure “on the contrary” … recovering used images he creates new meanings, gives new life to the pictures.

Lorenzo Petrantoni, one of the protagonists of the Packaging Première Paper Art Gallery, was born in Genoa in 1970.

He studied in Milan and later moved to France, where he was a press art director. For some years he works in the world of communication, but the illustration is the path he chooses. For his works he takes inspiration from the aesthetics of the nineteenth century, using old images from books and dictionaries of that period.

The exhibition The Time Shifter is a dialogue between the Japanese art of Shodo (artistic calligraphy) with the works of the guest artist. The word is art, the word is the protagonist in the illustrations of Lorenzo Petrantoni.

The Time Shifter is a gigantic installation. Two hundred swirling illustrations suspended in space and time will fill the thousand square meters of TENOHA SPACE in Milan, from 12 November to 6 December. Opening: 15 November 2018.