INTHEGARDEN at Packaging Première, 2nd edition

Great news for Packaging Première 2018: INTHEGARDEN will take part in the event! During Fuori Salone, at SuperStudio, INTHEGARDEN presented SPLOT YAR, the elegant lighting fixture designed by Zuzanna Niespor & Svetlana Golubeva. "As part of the search for new...

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Origami mastery at Packaging Première: Elisabetta Bonuccelli

Elisabetta Bonuccelli, Unoko for her friends, was born in Turin, although she considers herself to be from the Marche. She has lived in Milan since 2004. She didn’t take up origami as a child. Origami made its appearance in her life unexpectedly, due to a fortunate...

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Elena Borghi paper artworks at Packaging Première

Elena Borghi designs visions and grows words. Born in the midst of a summer storm immediately leaving her parents baffled; her father, a psychic and an inventor, when he first sees her, cries: “She looks like an asshole”. Her mother, Australian and grown up running...

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New Collection: Vinolok Premium

Vinolok introduces a new addition to the collection of Design Options: Vinolok Premium. This new range of closures is absolutely outstanding and unique.   Following the market trend of consumers who aren’t necessarily looking for excess, but rather for simple luxury,...

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Arcola Ceramics since 1956

Arcola Ceramics S.L. is a company with more than 60 years’ worth of experience in the ceramic industry. Its principal line of production is the manufacture of  ceramic . Arcola is using environmentally friendly processes with future generations in mind and respecting...

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