As well as hosting the headquarters of a number of global luxury brands, the city acquired a central role in the international scene as a fashion and design hub. The choice of Milan, as the venue for the exhibition, is intended to make the meeting between demand and offer easier to ensure efficient business matching for all packaging-related issues.

MiCo – Milano Congressi
MiCo – Milano Congressi places itself among the largest conference facilities in Europe and worldwide.

The “Cometa” (in english “The Comet”) designed by the architect Mario Bellini, covers the ceiling of the building that rises up within the newly born CityLife district which is reachable through a walking green path. The reason of such a name, Cometa, is because of its 24h brightness: from sunrise to sunset the Cometa shows off sun and clouds reflections’ games, while during the night it is enlightened by copious led lights shaping a tail 200 meters long; comparable to an horizontal skyscraper long like the very close Isozaki Tower.

The Cometa is located at a few meters from the three towers of CityLife, designed by Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki and Daniel Libeskind, which constitute a new landmark for Milan. At the foundation of the towers, in the heart of CityLife, a large shopping mall is served by the metro line M5.