From 60 years Legoplast designs and produces plastic bags in the fields of luxury, clothing, beachwear,
underwear, cosmetics, house-hold linen and accessories.
Thanks to a careful and constant research focusing on satisfying everyone’s needs and on producing stylish
bags, the Legoplast team has developed a valid alternative to other packaging types, like boxes, in terms of
volume reduction for storage and shipment, of personalization and eco-sustainability.
Coloured cursors, buttons, different material types permit to develop a packaging, designed on the client
needs. The bags can be also printed with a serigraphic printing up to five colours or with a foil printing, which
is the ideal solution for metalized colours like gold and silver.
In terms of eco-sustainability, Legoplast has developed two different plastic materials that can be used for
every packaging type: a biodegradable material, the ECO-PP, and a bio-based material, coming from the sugar
Furthermore, Legoplast uses from 20 years energy coming from renewable sources and the industrial waste
is reused and recycled by other companies in order to produce other products, like garden furniture. The
production has been also organized to reduce the energy consumption: we print with UV-LED inks without
solvents and we use consequently LED lights; there is, moreover, a control system for the consumption of
energy, which permits to spare more than 20% of energy.
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