21-23 May 2024 | Fieramilanocity Gate 4, Milan

Grafica Valdarno Di Amedeo Nicola & C.
Grafica Valdarno Di Amedeo Nicola & C.

Grafica Valdarno Di Amedeo Nicola & C.

About us

Grafica Valdarno is the ultimate in printing. With the quality of its products, the wide range of its special treatments, its care for the tiniest details, its creative combinations of mediums and finishes. With its relentless search for that special sensory experience that attracts your glance and seduces your feelings. Its ability to turn what others confine to the ordinary world into something extraordinary.

In Grafica Valdarno’s printed products, widely sought-after in Italy and all over the world, you will get glimpses of sophisticated subtleties of extreme technical and creative intensity. Its four-colour prints, timelessly unchanged, rest on dark or special laminated backgrounds, or transpire, bright and ever changing, through the metal coatings. The UV offset paints play with light reflections or create multifaceted glares and pearly shades. Heat-embossed patterns vie with silk-printed ones for that special feel. The substantial feel of stitches and embellishments so far unknown to paper evokes deeper suggestions. Time-honoured techniques, such as hot metal coating and dry embossing, are given a new lease of life on the sheet by elegantly chiselled details and three-dimensional motifs.
Creative papers and plastic mediums, such as cloth, embossed or flocked PVC – with their exclusive appearance and feel – are embellished with special finishes which embody the craftsman’s skills as well as industrial productivity, coming up as intriguing invitations, prestigious brochures, seductive packages…

In every product by Grafica Valdarno, you will see the company’s 50-year-old experience and cutting-edge equipment, its relentless research and experimentation with ever-new printing methods and products, but first and foremost you will find a human ability to mix different techniques, surfaces and ideas into unique, unfailingly surprising combinations, no matter if the product is elegantly minimal or replete with subtle sophistication.
While everyone can use technology, what makes a difference in Grafica Valdarno is precisely such relentless search for communicative power, not least because it is combined with a sophisticated ability to tailor it to the requirements of every single client, in keeping with its identity as well as its budget, without ever losing sight of the functional purpose as well as the aesthetics of a product. Distinctive features, these ones, that have led Grafica Valdarno to specialise in prestigious printed products and top-of-the-range packaging materials for cosmetic, fashion, jewellery and luxury items, while also standing out in technical and commercial communication for the added value of its printing products and special finishes.

Unrivalled style and quality: rather than described, Grafica Valdarno’s printed products should be felt with your senses. To find out how even the simplest sheet of paper might take you by surprise.


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