EasyGo is a package of digital services technologically
advanced that includes a variety of features.

 With EasyGo you can:

  • Get maximum online visibility before the event and throughout the year
  • Increase the number of contacts with customers and prospects during the event
  • Easily manage post event follow-up

How? In 3 simple steps: 

  1. By creating your own up-to-date, content-rich online corporate profile
  2. Displaying in plain sight the Smart Badge reader provided by the Organization
  3. Downloading the list of contacts generated during the event

How does the Smart Badger reader work? 

  1. Each exhibitor receives a Smart Badge reader and sticker to place on their stand.
  2. The Smart Badge reader is a wireless sensor that delivers the digital product and company information you uploaded to My Easyfairs.
  3. Each visitor receives a Smart Badge.
  4. When visitors touch the reader with their badge, they collect all the information about your company from your profile. This information will be sent to them in a visit summary email at the end of day.
  5. In return, you get the visitor data of everyone who touched your reader with their Smart Badge. You will receive the list at the end of the event by email.


What do I need to do before the event? 


Ensure your profile on your My Easyfairs account is fully updated, with your company profile, product information, news.

If you have not received your login credentials, click here.

What do I need to do at the event?

  1.  Pick up your ready-to-use Smart Badge reader on the build-up day.
  2. Determine the best spot to place the Smart Badge reader: it should be easy for your visitors to access (very visible, neither too high nor too low, reachable from outside your booth).
  3. Apply the Smart Badge reader with the sticker onto the wall or counter where you’d like to place it.
  4. Remove the backing from the adhesive pad on the back of the reader and attach it to the green sticker. You are welcome to use your own removable adhesive.
  5. Encourage visitors to scan their badge on the reader when they visit your stand; the light will glow green when a successful touch is made. There is no need to charge the reader throughout the event.
  6. Return the reader at the end of the last day of the event.
N.B. Each unreturned reader will be charged €500.

Beware of Fake List Vendors and Similar Scams!


Easyfairs draws your attention to fraudulent offers of list data and other “services” that you may receive via unsolicited emails.

If you receive such a communication, it is certainly fraudulent and does not come from Easyfairs. Easyfairs never sells visitor data to third parties.

The data provided by these companies is most of the time either inaccurate, incomplete, of poor quality or even fake and/or have been gathered or acquired in contravention of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Any use that such companies make of the name Easyfairs, Packaging Première or PCD Milan is without our authorisation and is illegal.

Please do not respond to these emails. On no account should you make any payments to the companies behind them.

Please inform Easyfairs if you receive any such solicitations so we can warn others.