16-18 May 2023 | Fieramilanocity, Milan

CULTI MILANO and Lamborghini choose the artist Franscesco Poroli fot their special edition

Automobili Lamborghini and CULTI MILANO joined forces to give birth to the new special edition created by the artist Francesco Poroli.
Poroli’s work decorates the 1000 ml Decor fragrance dispenser and its case with a series of sharp and snappy lines inspired by the design of the super sports cars. What explodes from the circle on the front of the dispenser is a world at the same time made of straight lines representing Lamborghini’s speed and energy, and gradations that conjure up the diffusion of the fragrance of CULTI MILANO. The perfect synthesis of two Italian excellences contained in a gem of art and design.
Art Edition is in fact made thinking to eco-sustainability, with innovative and sustainable painting techniques using water-based inkjet printers with low environmental impact. Packaging is made of recycled paper. For the full news, follow the link.  

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