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Lumson and Biotherm for Aquapower Advanced Gel

Two names for one great product. On the one hand Biotherm, an internationally renowned brand, and on the other Lumson, a leading Italian company in primary packaging and dispensing systems for the cosmetics industry. In between Aquapower Advanced Gel HOMME.
Aquapower Advanced Gel HOMME is an ultra-hydrating skin treatment for men for which Lumson, thanks to its proven expertise in airless, has developed an exclusive packaging: a glass airless system with pouch that preserves the formula from the risk of contamination and guarantees optimal product dispensing.
The shape of water
The shape of beauty for Biotherm draws its inspiration from water. Indeed, the design of the new airless system is a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. The square shape of the bottle, softened by rounded corners, seems to be generated by the flow of ocean waves, while the colour – the iconic green of the franchise – evokes freshness and hydration, two benefits of the Gel. Sensory appeal is also a distinctive element of the packaging developed for Biotherm. The airless, soft-touch finish makes it pleasant to touch, preserves the bottle from fingerprints and hints at the gel’s matte finish. The sustainable footprint is also an added value of this solution: 40% of the glass used is recycled, while the pump and cap are styrene-free. The packaging developed for Aquapower Gel is part of a new range of square airless products which share a common shape and finish and which have been produced in different capacities (50, 75, 100 ml) and in different colours, which Biotherm has chosen to use in some cases as re-packaging of products already in the range and in other cases for new products in the HOMME range.
Know-how and technology by Lumson
Thanks to the multi-layer pouch and a patented hermetic sealing system, Lumson’s airless pouch systems represent the quintessence of Lumson’s aesthetic and technological research. Solutions capable of offering, in addition to the safety of the formula, functionality (perfect product dispensing) and a sustainable approach (from the use of recycled glass to the possibility of separating the various pack components at the end of their life and conveying them along the correct recycling chain). Another aspect to consider is the numerous customisations opportunities. The shapes and materials available, combined with the finishes and decorations that can be applied, give brands the possibility of choosing the solution that best suits their needs, enhancing the character and personality of each product.
Lumson will be exhibiting at PCD Milan 2023.

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