Fine Foods has acquired Euro Cosmetic


A new growth path begins in the CDMO cosmetics segment: Fine Foods has acquired Euro Cosmetic.
With this takeover, Fine Foods brings to Euro Cosmetic all the experience and expertise of a consolidated and constantly evolving group, inaugurated at the beginning of the year with the acquisition of Pharmatek-PMC.

A new path of growth begins

For Euro Cosmetic the signing of this agreement means the opening of important new growth prospects. Its merging into Fine Foods will be a chance not only to access new market segments, but also to cultivate new partnerships and fruitful development synergies.

A partnership based on quality and innovation

The affinity between Euro Cosmetic and Fine Foods is expressed through their focus on the quality of the products and services offered, which are the result of a far-sighted analysis of the market and an orientation towards innovation.

Oral hygiene, skin and hair care, body deodorants, body care, perfumery, PMC, sanitizers and certified natural and organic products: Euro Cosmetic products integrate and enrich Fine Foods’ offer.

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