Communication Arts - Lorenzo Petrantoni - Packaging Premiere Milano

Communication Arts – Lorenzo Petrantoni

Packaging Première illustration

The main illustration for this Milan-based luxury packaging fair takes cues from vintage typography catalogs from the 1800s. Responses by Lorenzo Petrantoni, illustrator Background: Packaging Première is a luxury packaging fair that takes place in Milan, Italy. 6,000 visitors attended in 2019 and it is considered one of the most important packaging fairs in Europe. The aim was to create a recognizable, impactful image with an aesthetic pleasantness. Reasoning: I tried to make the image intriguing and usable with different plates. Challenges: Declining the image in all the formats so that it had an aesthetic pleasantness. Also, think the difficulty was creating an image that could be appreciated by the diversity of the customers of the fair. However, everyone appreciated the work in the end. Favorite details: All the work was done using fonts retrieved from old typography catalogs from the 1800s. I really liked how we were able to carry the main image over to the video, the catalogs, print brochures and other memorabilia. Visual influences: As always, the typography greatly influences my work. I love all the graphics from the 1800s. All my work was inspired by and done using typography, images and books from the late 1800s. Specific demands: The client usually asks me to add color, but in this case, it was not necessary. |

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